Instructions_to_Xu_F_Cover_for_KindleOne is knowing oneself at present through the body-form:
With the mind, self-sense, intellect, and so many concepts.
But you are beyond that;
Your Presence is not that.

Everything starts from you and ends in you,
With the paradox being that there is no you.
You are Consciousness Itself.
So you can never separate yourself from That.

You always think ‘I exist’.
Every moment your body and mind are changing,
But in the middle of all these changes
The unchangeable notion ‘I exist’ persists.
You never think ‘I don’t exist’.
This awareness of ‘I exist’ is the reflection of the real ‘I’.

There is nothing to give up or to get hold of;
What exists always exists.
Only one ‘I’ exists.

Wu Hsin’s advice is simple:
Step out of the field of thought and keep watching.
Who other than you is observing?
You are the Witnessing.


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