Whatever Happens

YubencoverSIHow can Wu Hsin prescribe meditation as one’s practice? True meditation does not seek a result.
Whatever will happen will happen. Just be clear: whatever happens doesn’t happen by you as much as it happens through you.
Practices are ineffective in dissipating the illusion because all practices take place within the illusion.
Thinking that you can remove your confusion is symptomatic of the confusion.
Empty yourself of all ideas, all beliefs, and all concepts. Then, make yourself full with emptiness and see if there remains anything else to be done.


2 Responses to Whatever Happens

  1. Srinivasan Sundaram says:

    namasthe how to eliminate the body mind idea concepts which always disturbs and strong with me, when i practise for libertation /freedom?

    await to your detailed guidances please

  2. sanatana says:

    My Dear Srinivasan: Who is the ‘me’ and ‘I’ that you are referring to other than that which is desired to be eliminated?
    Ego is the chronic recoil in response to fear of ‘other’. It is a process, clutching, grasping, an ‘it’. There is no one home to claim it.
    The end of suffering is the ending of the belief of a sufferer.
    Be still. What you want revealed wants to reveal Itself if only you would get out of the way.

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