Two Requirements

Instructions_to_Xu_F_Cover_for_KindleWu Hsin opens the door;
You must step inside and examine the terrain.
Here, one sets all distractions aside.
Close the eyes and then cover them with cloth.
The removal of the visual removes much of the distraction.
When one’s view is that whatever has arisen
Has a role to play,
One need not discriminate and is able to enjoy.
In this context, Wu Hsin has only two requirements.
First, it is important that one acknowledge
The difficulty of seeing beyond
One’s ordinary, taken-for-granted perspective and second,
One makes a firm commitment to do so.
Now, understand that
The background assumption of every moment is that
There is something, somewhere, better than
This, here, now.
As such, one becomes deeply habituated to
The unconscious process of constantly
Dislocating from this, here, now.
The most powerful tool at your disposal is doubt.
Doubt every closely held belief, every ontological certitude,
Also doubt Wu Hsin.
Wu Hsin assures you that
No bodily experience can irrevocably
Free you from bodily experience.
Likewise, attention to the mind cannot
Liberate attention from mind itself.
Understand appearance; it is supported by the Real
But it is not real.
It is a seeming reality.
Taking the seeming for the real results in confusion.
Wu Hsin says you are confused because
You have assigned subjectivity to an object.
To you, there is a personal consciousness and
There is everything else that
This consciousness is conscious of.
It should be obvious that everything.


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