The Sweetness of ‘I Am’

NoOtherCoverSI“I Am” is a quality in much the same way as
Sweetness is a quality.
If I am I,
You cannot be I.
If I am I and you are I,
What does I mean?
“I” is not a being but a
Pattern of functioning by the human organism.
When it is made into a person,
It is represented as an entity.
“Who am I?”, as entity, cannot be
Answered without memory.
To answer “Who are you?” requires memory.
Who are you in the absence of memory?
The pre-verbal sense “I am” is
The opening act of the play.
In the absence of this sense,
The stage is dark.
When the morning arrives and the last dream ends,
One wakes up: I am,
I am Ling,
I am Ling in the world.


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