The Sage

BookCoverPreviewCropThe sage is mysterious.
For such a one, identification has ended.
He has found everything
Where there is nothing.
He sees the essential fullness
Without using his eyes and
Distinguishes between Being and beings
While realizing that there is no need to
Deny the many in order to affirm the One.
His is an unbroken awareness of ‘I’.
He lives in a paradoxical locale,
In the absence of anything present and
In the absence of anything absent.
Beyond yet infinitely near,
Where each is both,
Wholly in the one and wholly in the other,
At the same time;
Where there is no other to each other,
Where the center is everywhere,
Where one plus one equals one
Where emptiness and fullness have no difference and
Where inside and outside,
Where immanence and transcendence are reconciled.
He declares:
I am phenomenal absence,
But the phenomenal manifestation appears as my Self and
I experience the world through Me.
It is only for those
Who don’t understand his singular word that
Wu Hsin has written large volumes.


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