The Prism

BehindtheMindcoverSummaIruThe Master said:

This sense of a separate entity is like a set of nested dolls. First “I”, then “I am” arises, then “I am such and such”.
Everything arises when “I am something” arises.
Yet, in the final analysis, the real world is beyond the reach of the human mind.
We experience it through the prism of our desires and fears which frames it as how it relates to the self.
Who goes to sleep and who wakes up? Or better stated, what goes to sleep and what wakes up?
Every morning when you open your eyes, the body wakes up, not you.
The wakefulness which you are is already there. This Conscious Being is the unity that runs throughout the diversity called world.
This world is a mere projection of the mind and the mind is the projecting instrument of Consciousness.
For today, this will suffice.


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