The Principle

The Absolute is
The transcendental and permanent principle of which
The manifested human being is only
A transient appearance emanating from
The Energy which, itself is the objectification of It.
It is that by which all the states of being exist.
This Energy has no perceivable or objective qualities.
It is the readiness to perceive and
The readiness to act.
Whether or not perception is required, it is there.
Likewise, whether or not action is required, it is there.
It is that permanent, self-luminous principle which is
The background of the waking, dream and
Deep sleep states and any corresponding worlds.
It is the illuminating screen, on which
The body, senses and mind appear.
The world does not exist apart from the body;
The body does not exist apart from the mind;
The mind does not exist apart from the Energy; and The Energy does not exist
Apart from its Potentiality, the Absolute.
This fully open, impartial awareness is
The natural state.
The mind cannot understand true Oneness because
The mind’s way of understanding is
Through division and this Oneness is indivisible.
In that sense, the seeing of Oneness still requires
Both seer and seen.
The seer and the seen together constitute the mind.
They resolve into Seeing which is Consciousness Itself.
The Energy supplies the material by which
The form is built up, maintained and renewed.
Yet, at the same time,
It is constantly using up
The substantial form which
It creates and keeps in existence.
When the Energy passes through the heart,
One gets pumping action.
When it passes through the brain,
One gets thought.
Whatever appears is perceived by the Energy that uses all beings as a host.
There is no distinction between your god and
The Energy that is the support of all.
They are one and
The same Organizing Principle, Animating Principle.



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