Substance Overlooked

You are already intimately familiar with the Energy.
However, It is subtle substance and easy to miss
If one’s look is casual.
In one who is
Preoccupied with word-pictures,
The imagination that there is the world,
That there is a body in it and that
You dwell in that body,
The Substance is overlooked.
Paying attention to things external to you
Carries you far afield.
What can be the quality of life for a leaf that has Separated itself from its tree?
Separated from Source, everything dies.
United in Source, one is the Everlasting.
Life is a necklace of instants.
Why talk about “how to live” when
It should by now be abundantly clear that
Living and the life process is not under your control?
Don’t ask Wu Hsin to accept
Your imaginations as reality.
To do so is a disservice to you.
Nothing is wrong.
The mind says that
Something is wrong which activates
An inner drive to do something.
It is thought alone that destroys your peace.

(from Mindless Understanding)


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