NoOtherCoverSIThere is no difference between
The searching and the self that is searching.
Wu Hsin says make yourself hopeless.
It is hope that
Provides the searching with momentum.
Activities are merely what one ‘does’,
But not what one ‘is’.
What is present is Presence as a whole and
Merely the expression of the Absolute.
Surrender is where all effort has comes to an end,
Where all movement in
The direction of getting something comes to an end.
Unconditional surrender eclipses any spiritual process.


4 Responses to Searching

  1. Randy says:

    Does the placement of attention on the Absolute interfere with the process of surrender? Is it considered “effort.”

  2. sanatana says:

    Randy, the placement of attention on the Absolute is itself surrender, surrender of exoteric fixation.
    It could be considered effort, but that would only be from a personal viewpoint.

  3. Randy says:

    Thank you for your reply. I am also curious regarding “silence” in being the state prior to the use of the senses. As meditation in silence is a “doing” or a “practice,” is the attempt “to be silent” an activity of the personal self? If I sit in silence to listen to what is prior, is that a personal doing?

  4. sanatana says:

    Randy, here again, sitting in silence can be a way of being or a way of doing. The viewpoint is key.

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