YubencoverSIWhat could be selfish about wanting to cease enriching what is false?
“Me” must be seen to be imagination. If “me” is imagination, then all the “of me’s”, that is, all the “mine’s”, are likewise imagination.
When the situation is examined thoroughly, it is discerned that there is no basis for selecting one appearance out of the totality and labeling it as ‘me’. As such, there is no “me” who receives enlightenment. When there is no one home to accept the delivery, what can be delivered?
The answer cannot be located by thinking. How many more months, years or decades will it take until you see the futility of this approach?
Stop trying to quench this thirst by drinking the sound of water. Turn away from thinking.
That’s it; there is no need for practices per se. Just pondering these words and trying to grasp their full meaning is sufficient for returning. Returning means going back to the source and support of everything and resting there.
In that, the misconception that there ever was a thinker, a doer, a perceiver and an enjoyer simply disappears.
Sooner or later you are bound to discover that if you really want to end the searching, you must return the way that you came.

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