Wu Hsin acknowledges that
You are in constant struggle with
The paradox of your wanting reality and
Being scared of it at the same time.

To date, you have been unable to reconcile
That which you are with that which you seem to be.
What you are is not perceivable;
What you seem to be is a name with a distinct form, and
An accompanying narrative.

They would appear to be irreconcilable yet
It is their very reconciliation that constitutes awakening.
Begin with the understanding that
The Energy is acting through a particular form.
There is total functioning through
Billions and billions of such distinct forms.

The Energy has brought you here,
To make you seek out Wu Hsin.

You already have
The intuition of a Transcendental Consciousness.
Were this not the case,
You’d be whoring right now.

You have only one problem.
It is the involvement with body and mind and the narrative.
In the absence of any involvement,
Where is the problem?

(from Instructions to Xu Fengqin)


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