BookCoverPreviewCropAll problems belong to
The form that you have identified with.
Essential You has no problems.
The unsatisfactory nature of your life is
A subtle acknowledgement of
That which resides within each en potentia,
The Self of all selves.
You always want to remove the dissatisfaction,
To fill this seeming void,
With relationships, with people and things around you.
You find yourself in a quicksand of existence.
There more you make efforts to escape,
The deeper you sink.
The recognition of this Divinity is not
The exclusive property of anyone,
Regardless of the high status
You might assign to them.
It resides in each en potentia.
Instead, allow the body, senses and mind to
Continue their activities as before,
But keep the attention fixed on
That which observes them all.
Turn the spotlight of attention away from externals and
Shine it inward.
Body and mind will drop away, and
Your Essential Self will be unveiled.


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