Producing ‘Me’

NoOtherCoverSIAs long as one remains identified with the body,
One wants to be occupied with actions, because
It is too uncomfortable to acknowledge
One’s powerlessness to do anything.
People wrongly believe that
Seeing that “me” is an illusion ends the illusion.
This is only the recognition of the illusion as illusion.
It takes its power away.
Yet, the illusion, the lifestream, continues.
The Self observes a self.
This is key. See that any “me” making any effort only
Produces more “me”.


2 Responses to Producing ‘Me’

  1. JN Thimmaiah says:

    Stillness in the Moving; Moving in the Stillness; Stillness in Stillness; Movement in Movement. What a wonderful World?

  2. Julie says:

    I can of my own self ‘do’ nothing. Christ, Jesus

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