Not Yours

MindlessUnderstandingcoverSIA body in a world appears in one’s mind.
One’s mind is the content of consciousness.
Consciousness is
The objective expression of the Absolute.
The world is the totality of all phenomena,
The totality of the known in
The yet-to-be manifested unknown potentiality.
The sense ‘I am’ is
The acknowledgement of an antecedent cause,
A changelessness.
This changelessness is so obvious that
It is overlooked.
This ‘I am’ is the portal through which
One can leave the world behind.
The observable is in the mind.
It is only from a relative point of view that
You seem to be associated with objects, with others.
There is no objective world standing
Separate from Consciousness.
All your experiences are in
The medium of Consciousness.
When have you ever experienced anything
Outside of Consciousness?
Only remember that whatever you perceive is not you,
Nor is it yours.





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