Never Not Here

BehindtheMindcoverSummaIruToday, the Master began:

Setting aside everything we think we know allows wisdom to dawn in us.

What is undeniably observable is that there is a cycling through three distinct states every day. The first two are recurring appearances and non-recurring appearances; they are products of the mind. The third is a blank or the absence of appearances.

Admittedly, there are terms more commonly used for each of these. But Wu Hsin will not refer to them here.

What is telling is simply this: There must be something present in which, on which, and to which the recurring appearances, the non-recurring appearances and the blank arise.

This Knowing of both the particular and the absence of the particular is what one is. To say it another way, it is the knowing of the manifest by the unmanifest.

It is never not here.

Let us now return to the silence for a time.


4 Responses to Never Not Here

  1. Manmohan Singh says:

    Once all the knowledge is discarded ? does it include the claims of messengers of various religious authorities.For example Mohammed claimed to be the last representative and Qur’an the final teaching of the absolute truth.Is it not sheer ignorance and a claim which even a child can refute that in the functioning new teachings will emerge and new names will lead the humanity. Please enlighten the issue.

  2. sanatana says:

    Confirmation via verification. All else is hearsay.

  3. Manmohan Singh says:

    Thanks a lot for the loving response to my inquiry. “Confirmation via verification” is really the mantra you have given. Gratitude for your blessings.

  4. Krishna says:

    The Self. The knower.

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