BehindtheMindcoverSummaIruToday, the Master began:

Wu Hsin has no interest whether or not his words are compatible with your beliefs.
When you see yourself as an object in a world of objects, completely separate from this world outside of you, understand that you are dreaming. It is mere imagination, confusion between stability and instability.
To be preoccupied with what you are not is a process without end. When you speak of “myself”, you must clarify what is this “self” and to what does the “my” apply?
Knowledge of the objective may be vast, but none of it leads to knowledge of the Subject.
The journey from self consciousness to Consciousness itself is a reversion of the natural movement toward the object, toward other, and it shifts the direction toward the subject, toward the Knowing.
In that sense, the first thought has no existence in the absence of That which knows it. Further, the sense of being, prior to thought, is the primordial experience.
Ponder this; more tomorrow.


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