‘Me’ as Projection

Instructions_to_Xu_F_Cover_for_KindleThe past is an artifact of perception
Brought into the present by imperfect memory.
As such, the past is always imperfectly represented.
You are imperfectly representing yourself to yourself.

Focus on the discovery of
What is aware of the sense of existence, of I-ness,
Rather than a projected ‘me’ standing in for ‘I’.

Soon, the idea that the body was ever considered to be ‘me’
Will be revealed to be absurd.

You are the awareness of phenomena,
The Observing.
You are the awareness of involvement with phenomena,
The Experiencing.

This true understanding is Self-revealing;
It is not acquired nor is it attained.
It occurs when the obstacles standing in its way are removed.
These obstacles fall of their own accord
When their underpinnings are eliminated.
It is the end of pronouns.

Descriptions of the world are no longer framed in “is” or “are”,
But are now referenced with “seems to”.


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