Light the Candle

WUHSINcompletecover2Why do you complain
About the darkness
When there are unlit candles
Beside your bed?
It’s really quite simple:
Know what you are not,
Everything that you are not.
What remains is what you are and
Have always been.


4 Responses to Light the Candle

  1. David says:

    Hello Sanatana,
    Thank you so much for publishing about such an inspiring and insightfull master.
    I am looking formthe chinese edition of “the lost writings of Wu Hsin “.
    Do you know where I could find such an edition?
    Thanks again

  2. raam says:

    where can I get the Book ?

  3. sanatana says:

    Sources include and the iBookstore.

  4. sanatana says:

    Hi David, there is no plan for the publication of Chinese editions at this time.

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