Just Stop

aphorismsSummaIruMy method has
No method.
You need only to stop.
Stop clinging,
Stop scheming,
Stop praying,
Stop seeking,
Stop analyzing,
Stop all your strategies and lastly,
Stop giving your thoughts
The authority to define
Who you are.
Simply allow what remains to
Reveal Itself.


2 Responses to Just Stop

  1. Srinivasan Sundaram says:

    how to get rid off the body attachment while being withuut any thoughts ? how to stay devoid of body thought and the belonging to the body feeling?
    await to your kind guidance please

  2. sanatana says:

    Whose body attachment, Srinivasan? What is it that seems to be attached to the body?
    You have gotten attached to so many unexamined beliefs.
    You are so fully immersed in the role that you have never investigated what remains when the role is over.

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