Intellectual Understanding

coverIntellectual understanding is like
One’s first stirrings out of sleep.
However, even three heads full of intellectual understanding is
Insufficient to bring about
An end to the selfing process.
Know this: whatever appears, disappears.
It is empirically real at best,
Like the shadow cast by a moving cloud.
This show of appearances and disappearances is
The ever-changing world and you are mesmerized, as is
A man counting the droplets in a puddle.
Only those who are able to
See their own faces without a reflecting surface are
Capable of fully understanding Wu Hsin’s message.
Give as much attention to the subject as
You do to its objects and
Your confusion will be cleared up in no time at all.


(publishing February 2016)


1 Responses to Intellectual Understanding

  1. Gurtej Singh says:

    The words of Wu Hsin always contains Pure Factual Truths and therefore needs no comments.

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