I am Part Two

NoOtherCoverSIMy spontaneous impulse to actualize.
I am where past, present and future cannot go.
I am without characteristics, how can I be known?
I am fullness.
I am emptiness.
I am totally self-supporting, whereas
I am the foundation for everything structure manifest.
The day will never come when I am no more.
I am not a thing to be placed among other things.
I am here, a here that is not distinct from there.
I am the all permeating clarity.
I am all-embracing.
What is not MySelf?
I am essential radiance, illuminating
Every thing.
Serene and expansive,
My directions and boundaries cannot be found.
I am One, indivisible and unnameable.
I am an indestructible, unitary whole.
I am the Source of life.
I am the destination at the end of life.
I am where becoming goes to die.
I have no eyes, I only see MySelf.
I am the vastest of all.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for sharing the pearls of wisdom of Wu Hsin

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