I Am Part Three

NoOtherCoverSIHow can a mute man describe
The sweetness of sugar?
This Foundation of All, It is not two;
It is not even one.
It is the result of one deducted from one.
Not even one,
It is the emptiness prior to the oneness.
Can anyone capture the moon reflected in the lake’s water?
You may call it what you like.
It is That which taught the fish to swim while asleep.
It is the I am by which I know I am.
This I-am is the very consciousness in which
The world appears through the senses of
The instrument in which I-am dwells, the body.
This is the This that I am and not that which
I appear to be.
“I am” means Being,
Alternatively moving through the three cycles of
Deep sleep, dream, and wakefulness.
When the state you’re in changes,
The world you’re in changes.
One knows that one is but not what one is.
To know what one is answers
The Only Question needing answering.


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