BCPcoverSISometimes, people come one day and leave.
Wu Hsin’s message is not for them because
He takes away hope.
Most individuals are sustained by
Some kind of hope.
To take away the individual,
Their hope must first be taken away.
Yet, there also have been individuals to whom
Wu Hsin’s words have triggered the discernment.
Then, they are no longer individuals.


3 Responses to Hopeless

  1. Srinivasan Sundaram says:

    greetings from bangalore

    request your kindly seeing this

    i request you to help me understand two points

    while on seeing internally turning the attention to within how to stay in that silence when still the, “i am the body”, “i am the mind” still hovers over and
    how while performing day today errands please tell how to stay as a non doer of actions
    please reply with as much guidance as possible so that i can to understand clearly


  2. sanatana says:

    My dear Srinivasan:

    a previous reply asked you: Whose body ……………? What is it that seems to be attached to the body?
    You are so fully immersed in the role that you have never investigated what remains when the role is over.

    Is it not this role, that will implement any prescribed ‘how-to’?
    There is no process to go through to reach anywhere. You are where you are because of everything that you’ve done and in spite of everything that you’ve done. This must reveal to you that ‘doing’ is overvalued.
    Release the need to do anything and see where that takes you.

  3. Sudhi Riedel says:

    dear Sanatana,

    thank you so much


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