BehindtheMindcoverSummaIruToday, the Master began:

Man’s search for happiness arises out of a skewed perception. “I am not happy………..obtaining such and such will make me happy”. It’s sort of trying to fill in assumed holes in oneself.

But it is misguided.

If happiness were intrinsic in an object, where in the object is it located? If it is intrinsic, it must always be giving you happiness, from the date of its acquisition until your death. But that is not your experience. The object seemingly provides happiness, but only for a time.

What gave you happiness as a baby does not give you happiness when you became a child. Likewise, as you continue to get older. Each time, some other object takes its place.

As such, happiness is not intrinsic in the objects.

A happiness that comes, will go. Only the happiness that is immanent will never leave.

The happiness you can imagine is far too limited; why settle for a few coins?

So instead of searching for what you do not have, find out what is it that you have never lost?



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