coverThe empirical world of individual subjects and external objects is
Nothing but a manifestation of the Supreme which is
The only reality.
It is the eternal non-dual which
Underlies the world appearance and is
The self-shining and self-proved ultimate reality.
Everything is Its projection within Itself.
There can be no material objects
Existing outside of It.
Fundamentally, It is that which has no outside.
It is the ineffable trans-empirical foundation supporting appearances.
The empirical world is
Valid for senses, thought and language,
Valid for all empirical experience,
But not real in itself.
It is the sphere of becoming, appearances,
Of space and time and causation.
All empirical experience involves two elements:
The subjective and the objective.
The subjective element is the transcendent I;
The objective element can be defined as
‘Other than I’ and is
Known as an object by the subject.
Any relation between the two is due to the
Categorizing function of thought which
Instead of revealing reality distorts it.
Intellect converts all perceptions into a self-related format.
As such, all reactions are
Reactions to interpretations of raw information.
What seems natural is actually based on
This comingling of the real and the imagined and
The inability to discriminate between
The eternal and the ephemeral.
Imagination is the raw material out of which
Appearances are made and
Individuals are born.
Witnessing of the body-mind and beingness happens,
But it is imagined to be something else.
The space in the room is not different from
The space outside the house.
The transcendent Absolute is
Immanent in microcosm as well as in macrocosm.
All else is delusion.
What Wu Hsin has discovered is that
All opposites such as being and non-being,
Life and death,
Good and evil, and
Light and darkness are manifestations of the Ground which
Itself is immanent in phenomena and
Transcendent to phenomena,
Both mental and material.
There is no object in which
The Ground is not present.
It is immanent in all phenomena.
How can it then be said that
Phenomena are unreal?
Objects are Ground-appearing-as.
Phenomena and the Ground are not
Two realities set apart from each other;
The Ground is the underlying reality of phenomena.
The Ground appears as the world.
This Ground is before everything and is
Neither creation nor cessation,
Neither permanence nor temporal,
Neither identity nor difference,
Neither bound nor free.


(publishing February 2016)


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