BookCoverPreviewCropUp until now,
You have been unaware of what
You can be aware of.
It is as if you’ve been living in a cave,
Lacking even a candle.
Now, Wu Hsin invites you to
Discover an extraordinary way of no longer
Overlooking what is so obvious.
Understand what is happening.
Does there exist any one to either talk or listen,
Or is there only Functioning of which
Talking and listening are aspects?
The Unconfinable which is in you, is
Speaking to you, through Wu Hsin.
It is telling you that there is no inner and outer.
Inner and outer demand the body be the point of reference.
But you are without circumference,
Being Conscious Presence.
What is Being?
Being is existence without attributes.
Being is effortless whereas being someone is strenuous.
What is Consciousness?
Consciousness is awareness of duality.
It is Knowing.
What is Presence?
Presence is that which never
Moves from now-here to then-there.
It arises out of total absence.
What must you remember in order to be?
Memory is only necessary to be something particular.
Wanting two conflicting things at the same time
Makes you crazy.


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