Clarity dBCPcoverSIoes not require
Retiring to forests or monasteries, or
Giving up all of one’s material possessions.
All that is needed is to
Relinquish one’s erroneous beliefs.
What Wu Hsin speaks about is a process of unlearning.
It is the abandonment of ideas and beliefs,
Of all rigid forms of thought and feeling
Whereby the mind tries to
Organize its own activities into orderly compartments.
These dogmas and philosophical systems are
Only ideas about reality,
In the same way as words are not facts
But only ideas about facts.
What is pointed to is
The coming into direct contact with reality itself
Without allowing the belief systems to intervene.
Those who wish to keep their illusions can do so and
Will remain frozen in place.
Those who fear them will recede into safer illusions,
While those who see through them
Move ever forward.

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