Instructions_to_Xu_F_Cover_for_KindleThe core of everything I say, have said, or can ever say, can be boiled down to this: Before anything can come into being there must be some thing to which it comes. This is the background obscured by the foreground, the “what”.
The world does not exist apart from the body; nor the body apart from the mind; nor the mind apart from Consciousness; nor Consciousness apart from Noumenon, which is Pure Potentiality. All is One.
Ponder this until it becomes clear to you that you are not in pursuit of the Unknown; you are in pursuit of the Unknowable. It cannot be perceived. It cannot even be accurately conceived. As soon as I attempt to describe It, I’ve already soiled It.
To discern what you are, you must remove those things that constitute your property since you cannot be your possessions. These include, your body, your mind, your intellect, your feelings and opinions, all material property and all roles that you have assumed.






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  1. Kelli says:

    Deep Quiet Sigh ~ Thank-you.

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