Nothing More

You are not yet satiated from
Your dining on the delicacies of the intellect.
This and your ever increasing body-consciousness
Has made Wu Hsin necessary.
Herein he affirms that there is a natural state,
A harmony in the mutual interaction of all beings
Which arises if not interfered with
By arbitrary external and artificial means.
There is a single source,
With whatever name you choose to assign to it,
From which has emerged
This entire manifestation that is perceived.
It is Being, looked directly in the face,
Unpaired with any thing.
It is in Whom all things have their being, and,
Like a lamp, illuminates them.
It is motionless in all that moves,
The one in what is multiple, and is
Simultaneously interior and exterior to all things.
Your god, your self and the world are therefore
Elements of a Singularity which can be expressed as
“The One as many and the many in One”.
Within this manifestation,
You a single object in an infinity of objects.
Nothing more.


Where ‘You’ Is Not

Most are unknowingly in a state of confusion;

They lack clarity.
To come here in a state of confusion and then
To evaluate my words from that state is
Likewise a poor use of your time.

To admit to oneself that one is totally confused is
The beginning of real understanding.
“You” requires localization.
You are in this world when awake and in
Another world in your dreams.
In the absence of locale,
The “you” is not.



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